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Secret Survivors National Initiative

In 2012, Ping Chong + Company, with support from the Ms. Foundation for Women, gathered with a group of advocacy and service organizations to host a week-long training institute exploring the use of theater as a tool in the movement to end child sexual abuse. In 2013-2014, four of these organizations will create their own theatrical productions, modeled on Ping Chong + Company's original Secret Survivors production, featuring the voices and experiences of CSA survivors. These productions will become tools for community-based dialogue and action.

Read more about these projects by clicking on the links below:

Kingsbridge Heights Community Center, Bronx, NY
Oregon Abuse Advocates and Survivors in Service (OAASIS), Portland, OR
Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Abuse (MNCASA), St. Paul, MN
FIRE Historical & Cultural Arts Collaborative (FIRE), Kalamazoo, MI

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