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Fun Facts

197 individuals have participated in Undesirable Elements productions since 1992.

Productions have been presented in over 40 cities in the US as well as in Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, France and Italy.

80 different regions and nations have been represented.

Cast members have come from 5 continents, but there has never been a participant from Australia.

Over 50,000 people have attended productions since 1992.

Undesirable Elements/Twin Cities (Illusion Theater, 1994) toured for more than 10 years and was once performed in a beauty salon in St. Paul!

A fully-staged Undesirable Elements production uses over a ton of rock salt for the set.

Each new production of Undesirable Elements involves over 40 hours of interviews.

The oldest cast member in an Undesirable Elements production was 78 years old.

The youngest cast member in an Undesirable Elements production was 14 years old.

Undesirable Elements/Atlanta (2001) was the 1st production with an all youth cast.

Secret Histories/Charleston (2001) was the 1st production with an all female cast.

Native Voices-Secret History (2005) was the 1st production with an all Native American cast.

Undesirable Elements/New York was performed in the Hall of Crustaceans at the American Museum of Natural History.

Actress and Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie introduced the Children of War production at UNHCR's World Refugee Day in Washington DC in 2003.

A cast member in the Undesirable Elements/Seattle production could trace her family tree back to the 10th Century in Iceland.

Ping Chong joined the cast as a participant for the first time in 2002, the 10 year anniversary of the series.