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I Will Not Be Sad in This World, 1991 & 2008


I Will Not Be Sad in This World is the only pure dance work in Ping Chong’s 40-plus-year history. Nevertheless it relates to other works of such as A Race, Skin-A State of Being, Angels of Swedenborg, and Maraya, Acts in Geological Time because of its focus on the visceral, the choreographic, and the animal nature of human beings. It was originally commissioned and performed by Improvisations Unlimited in College Park MD in 1991. Ping Chong adapted the piece for video in 1992, which was broadcast by New Television Workshop. In 2008 Ping Chong recreated the original dance for the LaMaMa Moves Festival (NYC).

“Three men and two women in motley, rag-like costumes look like refugees from some unspecified disaster. As they clump together, skittering about on all fours and staring out into the audience in fear, their only fortress seems to be each other. There’s an invisible, unbreakable bond – best dramatized in a slow march across the stage that pauses each time one of the group collapses and falls.” (From Dance View Times)

PRODUCTION – Improvisations Unlimited

Commissioned by: Meriam Rosen
Directed and Choreographed by: Ping Chong
Music: Dijivan Gasparyan


Directed and choreographed by: Ping Chong
Producer: Susan Dowling, New Television Workshop
Music: Dijivan Gasparyan
Costume Design: Carol Ann Pellitier
Lighting Design: Thomas Hase
Sound: Brian Hallas
Filmed at SUNY Purchase


Nancy Alfaro, Jeannie Hutchins, Paul Langland, Ching Gonzales, Jurgen Bamberger

PRODUCTION – La Mama Moves Dance Festival

Commissioned by: Improvisations Unlimited
Directed and choreographed by: Ping Chong
Assistant Director: Jesca Prudencio
Music: Dijivan Gasparyan
Costume Design: Stefani Mar
Lighting Design: Brant Thomas Murray
Sound Record: Brian Hallas
Dancers: Nancy Alfaro, Jeannie Hutchins, Paul Langland, Peter Sciscioli, Michou Szabo


Originally Presented:
Improvisations Unlimited, College Park, MD (March 1991)

La MaMa Moves Festival, New York, NY (May-June 2008)


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Meriam Rosen, Bruce Allardice and Ping Chong + Company