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Collidescope 3.0: Adventures in Pre-and Post-Racial America is a multidisciplinary science fiction play by Ping Chong and Talvin Wilks, originally developed at the University of Maryland in College Park in 2014. Inspired in part by the unjust killing of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and others, Collidescope is a prismatic exploration of the history of violence directed at African Americans from the Colonial Era to the present, through the anthropological perspective of aliens. Collidescope uses theater, movement, video projections and a collaged soundscape to create a collision course view of the legacy and psyche behind this history of violence in America.

In Collidescope 3.0, at Wake Forest University, the gaze was turned to the history of North Carolina, in particular an event in 1898 that hauntingly reads as a present day news reporting. Through unearthing history of place that connects to the national understanding of race and racism, this poetic overview is a shorthand of the injustices perpetuated against African Americans across time in these United States and the unsung heroes and pioneers, men and women, involved in fighting against them.


Eli Bradley, Anne Peyton Brothers, Jay Buchanan, Caleb Cabiness, Jason Chinuntdet, Charles Cicchino, Branden Cook, Serena Daya, Lyndsey Hannah, Caroline LeDuc, Avery McClure, Jayson Pugh, Justice von Maur


Written by Ping Chong and Talvin Wilks
Directed by Ping Chong
Assistant Director & Choreographer: Jennifer Onopa
Scenic Designer: Dahlia Al-Habieli
Lighting Designer: Kevin Frazier
Costume Designer: Tyler Wilson
Projections Designer: Katherine Freer
Sound Designer: Jeffrey Dorfman
Acting Coaches: Sharon Andrews & Cindy Gendrich
Song Coach: Lynn Book
Vocal/Dialect Coach: Michael Kamtman
Dramaturg: Tori Spong
Stage Manager: Cheyenne Zuck


February 10-12 & 16-19, 2017
Wake Forest University Theater

Photos by Wake Forest University Photographer Ken Bennett


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