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Time Out New York: ALAXSXA | ALASKA Review by Diane Snyder

"Cultures collide and coexist in Ping Chong + Company’s sumptuous anthropological collage ALAXSXA | ALASKA which harmoniously incorporates puppetry, movement and video to explore America’s largest state."

Village Voice: "ALAXSXA | ALASKA Weaves a Spellbinding History of the 49th State" by Helen Shaw

"Close to the end of Ping Chong and Company’s delightful Alaxsxa / Alaska, two of the deviser-performers — Gary Upay’aq Beaver and Ryan Conarro — reminisce."

TDF Stages: "How Much Do You Know About Alaska?" by Diep Tran

"The show also features testimony from 40 or so Alaskans that Chong and Conarro interviewed. Altogether it's an examination of a state that, for many mainland Americans, is barely an afterthought."

KYUK: "From Kasigluk to NYC and Back - A Path of Wellness Through Storytelling" by Anna Rose Macarthur

Gary Upay'aq Beaver: "And after all our elders passed away, our Eskimo dancing was going down, dying, and then I asked Levi Hoover, the local teacher, if he had tapes for that because I knew he did. And that’s what he did. He gave me the whole box of cassette tapes and told me, 'Go. Don’t come back until you learn.' So that’s what I did. I went home. Rewind, play, rewind, play."

KNOM Radio Mission: "What Happens When Two People Meet Each Other" by Zoe Grueskin

"“Alaxsxa | Alaska” is an ambitious new production that combines storytelling, dance, and puppetry to explore the complicated history of cross-cultural encounters in the 49th state, but its creators say what it comes down to is “what happens when two people meet each other."