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UE/Twin Cities, 1994


In Undesirable Elements/Twin Cities, eight individuals talk about what it means to be an outsider. The stories include a young Hmong woman from Laos, a Russian Jewish woman who was confined to a Camp in the Ukraine during World War II and who arrived in Minnesota in 1992, a young Puerto Rico man, an Ojibwa woman, a Filipino woman who came to the United States to escape political repression, and an African American soldier who experienced racism as he offered his service to this country during World War II. These individuals tell the true stories of their births, their names, the country where they grew up, the experiences they have had as being treated as an “outsider “in their home country , and the experiences they have had being treated as an “outsider” in the Twin Cities.


Elsa Batica, Ariada Magaril, Alberto Panelli, Sharon Day, Mai Moua, Dennis Mines, Mustafe Musse, Nilgun Tuna


Director: Ping Chong
Writer: Ping Chong, with Emerald Trinket Monsod and Cochise Anderson, in collaboration with the cast
Assistant Director/Dramaturg: Sean Kelley-Pegg
Lighting Designer: Tom Campbell
Sound Engingeer: Brandon Smith
Production Stage Manager: Karen Gundlach

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Illusion Theatre, Minneapolis, MN (1994)
Plus ongoing regional touring (1994-2008)


“The cumulative power of these shared stories is nothing short of astonishing…Ping Chong creates a tremendous tapestry of lives.”
Tad Simons, Twin Cities Reader


Illusion Theatre