Ping Chong

TELLING: Adult Survivors of Child Sex Abuse Step Into the Light
Produced by Oregon Abuse Advocates and Survivors in Service (OAASIS) and Circle Theatre Project, Portland Oregon
Written by Margie Boule
May 9-18, 2014

OAASIS will produce a theatrical production based on the life experiences of adult survivors of child sex abuse. Using a script written by writer/actress Margie Boule, inspired by works created by Ping Chong + Company, cast members will share their own stories on stage, and will pay tribute to others who cannot speak for themselves. The production will have a theatrical run in Portland and will then be taken on tour around the Pacific Northwest. Over 50 survivors have asked to participate on stage or off, including members of the Portland, Oregon theater community, who have offered design and technical expertise.

Oregon Abuse Advocates and Survivors in Service (OAASIS) works to increase public awareness of the impact of child sexual abuse, to support and empower survivors, and to advocate for public policies and laws to prevent these crimes in Oregon. OAASIS is the only survivor-based organization of its kind in the nation.

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