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Children of War, 2002


Children of War is an original theatre work based on the oral histories of a diverse group of young people who have experienced war, civil turmoil, and/or domestic trauma. The participants range in age from 14-19 and in origin from El Salvador, Somalia, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, and Kurdistan. Joining them on stage is a child-trauma therapist, who herself experienced political persecution in Iran. This theatrical exploration presents these courageous young people sharing their experiences of war through their own eyes, voices and memories.

Buy the book! In 2012, Theatre Communications Group published the scripts for Undesirable Elements (original production, 1992), UE 92/06, Children of War (2002), and Inside/Out … voices from the disability community (2008) into an anthology called “Undesirable Elements: Real People. Real Lives. Real Theater.”


Farinaz, Yarvin, Awa, Abdul, Dereen, Fatu


Director: Ping Chong
Assistant Director: Ethan Osborne
Writer: Ping Chong, in collaboration with the cast
Production Manager: John Frautschy
Stage Manager: Courtney Golden, Vivian Woodland
Project Manager: Sara Zatz


George Mason University TheatreSpace (December 2002)

Grantmakers in Health Conference (LA, 2003)
National Conference of Catholic Bishops (Washington DC, 2003)
Nathan Cummings Foundation (NY, 2003)
Ford Foundation(NY, 2003)
World Bank (Washington DC, 2003)
UNHCR’s World Refugee Day (Washington DC, 2003)
Cuyahoga Community College (Cleveland, OH, 2004)

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Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City - “Children are society’s most precious resource and it is wonderful to see these young people have taken their experiences and are using them to educate the world.”

Dianne Longdo, audience member - “I commend and thank you for the sensitive and caring piece that CHILDREN OF WAR is. I believe in theater as a powerful tool for growth. I will now add healing to the powers that theater has to offer. I wonder if your performance could be presented to the White House, the Congress and any other group with the power to PREVENT war. The vision of these children’s sufferings should be enough to make all want to do EVERYTHING-ANYTHING to keep other children from becoming future emotional casualties of war.”


Out of the Mouths of BabesWashington Post Magazine Cover Story, by Doug McGray
How Children Experience War and Its ConsequencesNew York Times, by Lynette Clemetson
Survivors – feature on NOW With Bill Moyers, produced by Brad Lichtenstein
Children of War, Multicultural Messenger, 2003
Theatre as the Healing Space, Studies in Theatre and Performance Journal, 2004


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Center for Multicultural Human Services in association with Theatre of the First Amendment


Children of War was produced by The Center for Multicultural Human Services and Ping Chong & Company, in association with the Theater of the First Amendment. Children of War was produced with support from the National Endowment for the Arts, MetLife Foundation, and The Ford Foundation.