Ping Chong

47 Great Jones Street, New York, NY 10012
T: 212 529 1557 F: 212 529 1703
[email protected]


Press Quotes

“It was poetry that filled your heart at one moment and tore it out the next.”
Ollie Reed, The Albuquerque Tribune

“…consistently powerful and eye-opening”
Nelson Pressley, The Washington Post

“The cumulative power of these shared stories is nothing short of astonishing…Ping Chong creates a tremendous tapestry of lives.”
Tad Simons, Twin Cities Reader

“This show is a blessing.”
Joe Adcock, Seattle Post Intelligencer

“…an absorbing and sophisticated work…"
Marianne Evett, The Cleveland Plain Dealer

" of the pleasures of the piece is its smashing of stereotypes and its disdain for essentialism."
Alisa Solomon, The Village Voice

“This, like any good drama, holds a mirror up to reality, and makes us reflect on our own time, tensions, and even prejudices as we listen to people who have had to give up so much of their own cultures in order to assimilate into a new one. It's a story we've heard before, but perhaps, not enough.”
Tony Curulla, Syracuse Post-Standard

“It defies cynicism, honoring the magic of resilience and chance.”
Christy DeSmith, The Star Tribune

"...more than just telling each moving story, Chong's ingenious chronological script gracefully demonstrates where the lives of these diverse characters have intertwined... "
Monica Eng, The Chicago Tribune

"The evening is refreshingly low on rhetoric, yet amply pieced with humor, drama, pride and passion."
Misha Berson, The Seattle Times