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NY SPRING ROLLS (NY/Phillipines)
Trinket Monsod
(Original Undesirable Elements Cast Member, UE/New York, UE/APA, Secret History, UE/Global Kids)

bean vermicelli - cooked preferably in duck broth
(or chicken or vegetable broth)

chopped scallions & garlic
Italian sweet sausage without skin
grated carrots
Let cool.
Spoon the above with 2 deveined butterflied shrimp onto a lumpia or spring roll wrapper- roll and seal
by wetting wrapper with water.

Deep fry in duck fat or sunflower or safflower oil
till crispy brown.

Sauce: a teaspoon of nuoc nam, 2 tbsps. water,
2 tbsp. rice vinegar, a pinch of sugar, 1 tsp. finely grated carrot - adjust to taste