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EDDA, 2001-2002


EDDA: Viking tales of lust, greed and family is an evening-length music theatre work based on the Icelandic Edda Cycle. Sung in the Viking language of Old Norse (performed by the Sequentia ensemble), the production incorporates English narrative projections, singers, and instrumentalists.

The Icelandic Edda is the earliest medieval manuscript containing ancient Germanic myths, stories of gods and heroes, tales of possession, betrayal and revenge. Its pages reflect the pagan beliefs of the oral culture and bardic genius of the pre-Christian North as heard by medieval Icelanders.


Conceived and Directed by Benjamin Bagby and Ping Chong
English Text: co-adapted by Ping Chong and Victoria Abrash
Musical reconstructions: Benjamin Bagby
Producers: Jon Aaron, with Ping Chong and Company
Assistant Director: Christopher Caines
Dramaturg: Victoria Abrash
Sound/Projection Design: David Meschter
Sets & Lights: Randy Ward
Costume: Stefani Mar
Stage Manager: Courtney Golden
Production Manager: Jim Larkin

Sequentia Ensemble

Lena Susanne Norin, Agnethe Christensen, Benjamin Bagby, Elizabeth Gaver, Norbert Rodenkirchen with Christopher Caines


University Musical Society, Ann Arbor, MI (April 2001)

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NY Premiere:
Lincoln Center Festival, John Jay College Theatre (July 2001)

Utrecht Early Music Festival (August 2011); Williams Center for the Arts, Lafayette College, Easton, PA (November 2001); Clarisse Smith Performing Arts Center, University of MD, College Park, MD (November 2001); Boston (February 2002); Cleveland (March 2002); Tokyo, Japan (July 2002); Perth International Arts Festival (2002); Arts Festival, Faroe Islands (August 2002)


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Ping Chong’s staging of the ‘Rheingold Curse,’ Sequentia
Chong and Bagby revive collection of Viking tales, Michigan Daily, Apr. 16, 2001
Greed, Blood and Bold, MetroTimes, Apr. 25, 2001
Dark-Age Obscurities Pulled Into the Light, New York Times, Jul. 12, 2001 (Right Click to Open)


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Lincoln Center Festival and University of Michigan Musical Society


This performance was made possible in part by the Josie Robertson Fund for Lincoln Center.

Photo credit: David Smith